Federal Criminal Defense

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Federal Criminal Defense

It is always a difficult time when you are charged with any criminal offense.  But it is especially problematic when the Federal authorities are investigating you or a loved one. It is absolutely imperative that you seek proper counsel to ensure that you or your loved ones rights are not violated.

Once you have learned that you are the target of an investigation or you have been charged under the Federal Crimes Code you should call the Law Office of Steven F. O’Meara at 610-565-9200.

I am admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and Middle District of Pennsylvania. I have been admitted to practice before the Federal Court since 1996.


The Federal court system will almost always charge an individual with felony offenses. At least when you are initially being targeted they are looking at charging you with felony offenses such as the following:

  • Homicide
  • Drug charges possession with intent or delivery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Rape charges
  • Delivery of a controlled substance or any offense on Federal property
  • Firearm offenses

“I was charged with attempted delivery of cocaine into Allenwood Federal Prison. I was accused of sending a controlled substance to my boyfriend by letter as well as an attempted delivery to the actual prison. I was told by the investigating agents that I was looking at several years’ imprisonment. After eight months of litigation with Mr. O’Meara representing me, I received a misdemeanor plea agreement with two years’ probation and two months home monitoring.”


  • Driving under the influence (DUI) on federal property
  • Possession of a controlled substance on federal property
  • Any type of assault within the confines of a federal property
  • Any other misdemeanor offense on federal property

As is written above, most offenses are felonies. However, there are certain misdemeanor offenses. For instance you could be driving through Valley Forge Park while intoxicated. Motions can be filed to convert this from a misdemeanor conviction to a probationary offense with dismissal at the end of your term of probation. This would also include other offenses such as drinking alcohol or imbibing any controlled substance on federal property. This actually occurs quite often at Federal parks where people do not realize the consequences.

Simply working at a manufacturing plant, such as Boeing, if they have a federal contract, makes them a federal reservation subject to federal laws for any criminal offenses.

“Most recently, about 40 individuals were charged at the Boeing plant with drug offenses. I represented one of these individuals who was looking at several misdemeanor offenses and jail time. Several of his co-defendant’s had been given significant jail sentences. After several months of litigation, my client resolved this matter with a two year probationary offense and a misdemeanor conviction only.”

The above two client events were worked out as misdemeanor level offenses after a lot of hard work. However, the first thing both individuals did upon being targeted by the federal investigators was to contact my office. It is absolutely imperative that whenever charged with any type of criminal offense you contact counsel.

Please contact the Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara at 610-565-9200 to ensure that your rights are not infringed upon.