Slip and fall

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Slip and fall

Experienced Representation For Slip And Fall Accident Victims

Representation for plaintiffs in Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties for premises liability.

If you have sustained an injury falling down on proper maintained steps or you fell in someone’s commercial or personal property due to icy conditions or you’re attacked by someone’s dog you most likely have a premises liability action against the insurance company of that individual.

Typically these matters are handled without any involvement by the property owner as their insurance company will cover all their damages and litigation expenses.  It is imperative that you know that you have the right to seek full and just compensation for your injuries.  You need the help of a skilled lawyer to file your premises liability claim and I strongly advocate on your behalf inside and outside of the courtroom.  A premises liability case, typically involves businesses and homeowners.  They can be complex and have multiple sources of liability in the coverage.  The Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara has been handling these cases for over 20 years.  You can trust me to fight for your interests and keep you moving in the right direction.

We have provided clients for over 20 years with a tenacious pursuit of compensation for their injuries.  We handle a broad range of premises liability cases including but not limited to slip and fall accidents, icy conditions, failure to notice imperfections in the property and dog and animal bites.  There are always multiple sources of recovering these cases which make it important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

“I was walking down the pavement looking for the mac machine at my local bank. Suddenly, I slipped and fell twisting my ankle. Turned out I had fractured both tibia and fibia and was placed in a cast with a steel rod and ankle plate and screws holding my leg together. No lawyer wanted to handle this matter because I was on the sidewalk and one lawyer said it was clear I was not paying attention. Mr. O’Meara got involved and said I was a business patron and the water that had frozen beneath me causing my slip and fall had come from the bank property. He hired his expert and within six months the case was settled.” – Robert

“I was carrying my granddaughter to see what was going on for the July 4th Ceremonies at Scullion Field in Clifton Heights. I stepped into a hole and broke my ankle. I was out of work for eight weeks and was caused great embarrassment and pain from these injuries. Steve got involved and did a great job settling my case.”  Lauren

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