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Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury claim filed in the U.S., which isn’t surprising because more than two million people suffer injuries in crashes each year. Despite the fact that many major cities have developed efficient public transportation, millions of people still use their cars to drive to work, run errands, and embark on road trips during the summer. And while it may seem like car accident claims are simply about who was and wasn’t at-fault, there are a number of other factors that can complicate these claims and require the expert handling of a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

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Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Understanding the most common causes of car accidents can help you take action to prevent these types of crashes, which include:

  • Rear-End Collisions – Driver distraction is a major contributor to the increase in rear-end collisions. If a driver’s eyes or hands are off the wheel, it makes it very difficult for that driver to apply the brakes in time to avoid hitting the back of the vehicle in front. And in some cases, a rear-end collision can trigger a chain-reaction that creates multiple accidents, especially on a congested highway.
  • Striking a Parked Car – Vehicle drivers can strike your parked car when they are trying to back out of a parking spot, or when they are driving too closely to your parked car as they travel down the road.
  • Side-Impact Collisions – These are also known as ‘T-bone’ crashes, in which another car hits the side of your vehicle. This usually occurs at an intersection or a four-way stop sign when the driver of the other vehicle fails to yield right of way.
  • Clipping Cars During Merging – When the driver of another vehicle tries to merge into your lane without making sure that there is enough room, this usually causes a sideswipe accident in which the vehicle clips the side of your car.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Despite advancements in automobile safety features, car accidents can still cause serious injuries, including:

  • Whiplash – Whiplash is caused by the abrupt jerking motion of your neck when a car comes to a sudden stop. Whiplash symptoms include tightness and stiffness in the neck, headaches, and back and shoulder pain.
  • Head/Back Injuries – Some car accidents can cause brain injuries such as concussions due to the trauma of your head hitting some part of your vehicle with blunt force. Other injuries include spinal cord damage and herniated disks.
  • Lower Body Injuries – Car accidents can also cause pelvic fractures, cracked ribs and broken legs.
  • Psychological Injuries – The trauma of surviving a car accident can also cause emotional and psychological distress. In fact, nearly 10 percent of car accident survivors develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The Value of a Personal Injury Lawyer 

It’s important to remember that the insurance company of the person who was at fault in a car accident wants to pay out as little as possible in compensation for your injuries. That’s why you need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to negotiate a settlement that is fair and just. Please call the Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara to schedule an appointment. We take an aggressive stance in handling your claim and making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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