Criminal Charges for New U.S. Citizens or Visa Immigrants

It is extremely difficult to come to a new country and start over. For numerous immigrants, this is exactly what they are doing. With it you bring many of your customs, etc. to your new home, your new country.

In order to become a U.S. Citizen you must ensure that your record is not damaged or you face deportation due to criminal charges.

We have represented immigrants from Ireland, Cambodia, China, Korea, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Romania.

“My son had green card status only and was charged with aggravated assault against another individual. While waiting for trial he was charged on another felony offense. Mr. O’Meara was retained for both matters and resolved them both with misdemeanor offenses which did not affect his green card status. I am very proud to state that my son is now a United States Citizen.” – Ivar

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