Dog and Animal Attacks

Domesticated pets are now a very prevalent part of our society and accidents sometimes happen involving these animals.  An animal attack injury can be traumatic especially for children who are the majority of these victims.  The injuries sustained by anyone suffering an animal attack can also lead to physical scarring and permanent disfigurement.  But also you should be apprised of the fact that there are long lasting effects of being attacked by a wild animal.  These would include post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whether you or a loved one have been injured from a dog bite accident or as a result of someone’s failure to properly train and monitor their animal we are here to help you when you’re not sure where to turn.  We are here to explain the options and work hard to achieve fair compensation to help you to recover from your injuries.

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My child was bitten in the face by a Pit Bull dog for no reason. Within 30 days Mr. O’Meara had my son in front of every plastic surgeon and psychiatrist imaginable. Not only did he get my son to the best doctors but when the case settled my son will have his college paid for by the trust. Mark and Beth

How A Dog Bite Claim Works

Many people are wary of pursuing a dog bite claim against a neighbor because they understand accidents happen, do not want to disrupt the relationship.  The truth is, you are not suing your neighbor you’re suing an insurance carrier to cover the costs associated with your injuries.  In Pennsylvania, the “one bite rule” does not exist anymore.  If a person is negligent in overseeing a pet and you are harmed as a result, you have a right to pursue a claim against them for your economic losses.

Covering the Layers of Compensation You May Need

Both myself and staff will help you seek reimbursement from a person’s homeowner’s insurance policy for medical expenses resulting from a dog bite or animal attack, such as

  • Wound care, antibiotics
  • Infections resulting from animal bite tear and saliva
  • Plastic surgery to prevent scarring
  • Psychological counselling
  • Future plastic surgery to mitigate the scarring.

I am proficient at recovering costs associated with the pain and suffering, lost wages and future lost wages as well as other economic damages.

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