Assault has become an umbrella term that people use to define any type of physical assault upon another. However, that is not completely true. In fact, assault can be of various degrees, including felony, misdemeanor or summary offenses. The criminal charge of assault has many variables, including the threat of assault or an actual “touching of another.” You do not even have to touch another to be arrested. If you have been arrested for assault call our Media Assault Lawyers Today for a Free Consultation

In general terms, however, assault occurs when one person threatens another person with any type of bodily harm. Basically, the more serious assault charges are defined as any unwanted physical contact with another, including touching, punching or grabbing.

Felony charges (aggravated assault) may include the use of a weapon, such as a knife, gun or club. Felony assault may also include threat of or actual “serious bodily injury” to another. Most assault charges include some act of violence upon another, but it’s important to understand that not every assault includes injuries to another and may be simply the threat of injuries. Any felony charge is serious and an experienced criminal lawyer should be contact right away.

Misdemeanor charges (simple assault) are defined as a less serious offense and may include simply “bodily injuries to another.” This can be anything from mutual combat with another to a more serious fight with another person. Many times, this gradation involves a domestic situation. You may also be charged with harassment and stalking, which is a very low-level misdemeanor offense and can be best defined as an “unwanted touching,” such as a push or shove.

Summary charges may include harassment or disorderly conduct charges.

The threat of a violent act against others is a very serious offense and you may be charged with terroristic threats. The elements of this offense do not mean that you intend to complete any injury upon them. It only needs the alleged victim to believe that you intended them harm.

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How Experienced Media Assault Lawyers Can Help You With An Assault Charge

Assaults can be charged as a felony, misdemeanor, or summary offense. I large part it depends on the severity of the assault. Regardless of whether you are arrested on a misdemeanor or felony assault charge, you need an experienced lawyer at your side. I have over twenty-five years of criminal defense experience. I will personally meet with you and appear at all of your hearings to ensure proper representation throughout your case.

There are many tactics I can use to have your case dismissed or the charges lessened as the Commonwealth is unable to meet their burden of proof. Get the aggressive Media assault lawyers you need by calling us today at 610-565-9200 for a free legal consultation.

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