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My name is Steven F. O’Meara, and I’m a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense, DUI, and personal injury matters. For over twenty (25) years, I have had the privilege of serving clients in multiple practice areas, and that experience means that I’m able to handle the difficulties and challenges of many different types of legal problems.

I’m a solo practitioner serving Delaware County and Chester County in Pennsylvania. I received my law degree from Widener University School of Law in 1992 with membership in the Alpha Phi Omega Honors Society. I’m a proud member of the Delaware County Bar Association, Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Pennsylvania Bar Association, and American Bar Association.

What I’ve learned over the years is that whether I am defending someone on a traffic citation or I am advocating against the death penalty for a client, the passion and dedication must be the same. If I do not set the same standard for every single client, then I failed to uphold my promise to provide the very best representation possible.

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What I Believe

I am well aware that attorneys do not have the best public reputations. The media portrayal of lawyers does our profession no favors. Rarely do you see a dedicated criminal defense attorney or a righteous personal injury lawyer as a hero in a TV drama. But you the client are smart enough to make judgments based on your own personal experiences. I guarantee your experiences will be positively affected by how I represent you and ensure a positive outcome for you and your family!

I believe everyone must obtain representation when they have a legal problem. It is absolutely imperative that you get the right attorney to protect your rights. In criminal matters, the government tries to push a defendant through the system, quickly. I believe our constitutional right to presumption of innocence in criminal cases has now become a presumption of guilt. That’s why I fight to protect the constitutional rights of all criminal defendants, and ensure that they get a fair trial and the best resolution possible.

Personal injury cases are always stressful and full of anxiety for you, the plaintiff. Big insurance companies do everything in their power to deny you your rights and try to make you the defendant. We won’t let that happen.

My Practice Areas

I have extensive experience in both criminal defense and personal injury matters at both the state and federal level. In any criminal matter our job is to ensure you and your family.

When you have been injured and your life has been impacted due to the negligence of another, we will fight for you and your loved ones to guarantee you fair compensation for your injuries.

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