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Bryn Mawr, PA criminal defense lawyer Steve O’Meara has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your case is handled with care from start to finish. His firm offers aggressive yet compassionate representation in all areas of law, making them one step ahead when you need someone on your side most! You still have rights and deserve compassionate representation when going through such an intense process like being accused/put-under investigation by law enforcement officers or prosecutors working with offenders’ counsels (i.e., private attorneys). When making choices about who will best protect your future needs as well as offer quality service at affordable rates; choose us: The Bryn Mawr Law Offices Of Steven F. O’Meara.

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Steven F. O’Meara is an experienced, successful Delaware County criminal defense attorney with a successful track record in defending clients for almost three decades. In that time he has fought innumerable cases and continues to do so today. His expertise speaks for itself, as evidenced by an extensive record of successful legal defenses and a glowing reputation among those who’ve relied on him. Steven, or Steve as many clients fondly know him, consistently earns five-star testimonials from thankful defendants.

Furthermore, Steven is committed to providing personalized, compassionate service and appreciates the importance of his role in the American legal system. Anyone who needs a Bryn Mawr criminal defense lawyer can come to him with their case and receive a free consultation. In the course of this consultation, he’ll assess your case and walk you through your defense. After your free consultation, it’s your choice whether or not to entrust Steven with your case.

Regardless of the offense that you’re facing, Steven can defend you. His diverse legal record includes successful cases in virtually every field of criminal defense, such as DUI and domestic violence.

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Criminal Defense Specialties Bryn Mawr PA

An array of different offenses fall under the broad umbrella of criminal defense. Some are quite egregious, but others may seem outright benign to the average citizen. For instance, if you ever threw eggs or toilet paper at a home as a teenager, you could be susceptible to criminal charges. Many people have made mistakes along these lines in their lives but went unprosecuted and probably don’t imagine themselves as criminals.

Even when you make such a mistake, we’re here to represent you in every type of criminal matter including DUI charges, theft charges, drunk driving charges, drug possession charges, or assault on a police officer. Contact our Delaware County office today! Our expertise include: 

DUI Defense in Bryn Mawr, PA

We’re here to help! If you are facing criminal charges for driving under the influence, call our office today. We will consult with you and work proactively on your behalf so that you can focus on what’s important- rebuilding your life. There are many reasons why someone might end up needing a DUI lawyer in Bryn Mawr which include but aren’t limited too: being unfairly profiled due to racial bias or faulty intelligence leading them into false arrest.

For one, an officer failing to inform you of your rights can give you a strong case. Human error in blood or breath testing for alcohol is also possible. If there’s evidence of error or a false positive, then that can be a key element of your defense. If equipment calibration is incorrect, then the results that the equipment provides automatically go into doubt.

Steven O'Meara Chester County, Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer
Meet the DUI attorneys at our office who live & work in the community & are dedicated to great service for our clients.

Even if you are guilty of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit, the officer must still demonstrate probable cause for pulling you over in the first place. With rigorous defense by an expert criminal defense lawyer, your Bryn Mawr DUI defense case can have a much more favorable outcome.

The bottom line: Successfully defending DUI cases for over 30 years, the Law Office of Steven F. O’Meara provides clients with personal attention in a professional environment. During the hearing, an attorney can help negotiate for you, determine if there are any additional facts surrounding the DUI stop, and other options such as ARD.

Bryn Mawr PA Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury suits are some of the most common civil court cases. They encompass a wide range of cases, such as motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death. Typically, they revolve around blame through negligence and carelessness. If someone causes the injury or death of another through such negligence, then a personal injury suit is their main source of recourse. In general, the expertise of your attorney is the key to achieving justice in such a case. They need to be familiar with the standards for evidence in such cases, whether they’re behind the prosecution or the defense.

For instance, someone isn’t automatically guilty in a case after a dog bite even if a dog did bite a person. For instance, the injured party must be able to prove that the dog owner should have known their dog could bite and did not take proper precautions to prevent it. Additionally, their case may be invalid if the court finds that they provoked the dog.

Wrongful death cases often follow after someone is acquitted of murder. This is because someone may be innocent of murder, yet guilty of wrongful death. Additionally, wrongful death cases have a substantially lower standard of evidence needed to achieve a conviction.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Bryn Mawr, PA

Criminal defense cases are often pivotal moments in the lives of the defendant. If you’re facing a criminal court case in Bryn Mawr, get in touch with Steven O’Meara to schedule a free consultation.

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