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What crimes can be expunged? Find out from expungement attorney Steven F. O’Meara, who talks you through DUI offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, and some major updates to Pennsylvania expungements. If you are searching for an experienced expungement lawyer near you, contact Steven O’Meara today!

Expungements & Limited Access of Criminal Records

Under recent rulings of the Supreme Court as well as statutory upgrades, the law of Pennsylvania expungements has expanded greatly. Presently, any non-trial disposition such as non-conviction or the completion of the ARD program, may be expunged. This is important for many people who have been brought to trial, found not guilty, and then have the stigma of felony or misdemeanor offenses listed on the public docket. These can be expunged or erased from their record completely.

Clean Slate Limited Access

Clean Slate Limited Access (CSLA) is a procedure which limits access of an individual’s criminal history information to criminal justice agencies. All arrests are CSLA eligible if the final disposition was not a conviction, such as charges being dropped as part of a plea bargain or acquittals. Eligible convictions for misdemeanors of the second degree and third degrees or ungraded misdemeanors punishable by less than 2 years, can obtain CSLA and erase their record from the public domain. For CSLA there is a ten year conviction-free crime period. However, the statute defines ‘conviction’ as any offense punishable by one year or more in jail (example: if you were convicted of a DUI offense and received a six month probationary sentence. You would have a ten year look back to ensure the CSLA expungement process).

Limited Access

The last thing would be limited access which limits dissemination of criminal history information to only criminal justice agencies with few exceptions. Limited access is not automatic and requires a petition. It is discretionary with the court, and no standard is provided. The Limited Access petition is different as it will allow certain other offenses such as ungraded felonies, less than or equal to five years, misdemeanors of the first degree and of the second, third and ungraded. There are other considerations such as ten year look back tests as well as other criteria.

Expungement Lawyers in Media, PA

However, you should realize that if you have a prior conviction, you can now have them expunged from public purview under certain circumstances. Please call the Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara, Esquire to make application for the above process. The expungement process may take months. Do not delay as I have found that when people need it done, it is usually necessary within weeks and not months.