Theft Offenses

In everyday life, the word ‘theft’ seems like such an easy word to define. But in legal terms, the word ‘theft’ has multiple meanings and is included in a multitude of criminal offenses. Theft is best described as the ‘taking of property of another without their permission.’ If you have been arrest for any type of theft call our Media, PA Theft Lawyers today at 610-565-9200 for a free consultation.

This applies to Retail Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Theft by Omission, Fraud, etc. It all boils down to taking someone else’s property. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony is determined by the value of the item and type of item taken, such as an automobile, boat, motorcycle would be felonies. Other thefts under $2,000.00 would be a misdemeanor. If there is force used against another, however slight, it becomes a Robbery and is then a felony. This would include something as innocuous as taking the baseball cap off of another person and keeping it.

Media, PA Theft Offenses Lawyer

There are so many ins and outs when trying to navigate this area of the law. You must be extremely careful and get proper representation from a criminal defense law firm.

Media Theft Lawyers

Theft can be a significant criminal charge, one that you must take seriously. But if you hire our experienced media theft lawyers, there are some defenses that can help you in this situation, including:

  • Proving Lack of Intent – you must prove that you did not intend to deprive the rightful owner of his or her property.
  • Active Search – you must prove that you were actively seeking the whereabouts of the rightful owner of the property with the intent of returning it.
  • Found Property – you must prove that you did not steal the property, but that you found the property after the rightful owner lost it, and had no information about who owned the property.
  • Consent – you must prove that the rightful owner gave you the property.

Theft Crimes in Media, PA

Regardless of the theft charge, you need an aggressive Media, PA criminal defense lawyer to help you achieve the best possible solution to your case. Remember the higher the value of the property you are accused of stealing, the higher the likelihood that you will face more serious charges. Make sure you protect yourself. Call us today at 610-565-9200 to schedule an immediate consultation.

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