Slip and Fall Accidents

slip and fall lawyer in Media PAWhen you visit someone else’s property and you suffer an injury due to a slip and fall, you may be entitled to file a legal claim against the person who owns the property. These are known as slip and fall accidents and they fall under the category of premises liability. Under this theory of liability, all property owners must undertake reasonable care and maintenance to ensure that visitors are safe. Injured in an accideint?

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Media, PA

After a slip and fall accident, our team will investigate to determine how the negligence of one or more people caused your injuries. Hire the right law firm. Call the Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara at 610-565-9200 for a free consultation about your slip and fall accident through Delaware County in Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties of West Chester, and Chester County.

To prove a regular slip and fall accident claim, the slip and fall lawyer would show that the property owner was negligent and careless, and these two factors directly led to the injury.

For a business entity, the standard is much higher on the business owner. They must guarantee the safety of a business invitee or visitor.

Typically, there are cameras at the business entity, recording everything you do. It is so important to contact our office to preserve all evidence and solidify your case. You may lose time from work and loved ones. You cannot get that time back. Call us immediately at the Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara, 610-565-9200.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Media, PA

Slip and fall accidents typically occur at commercial establishments such as a restaurant, grocery store or workplace. There are certain conditions that lead to these accidents, including:

  • Wet Floor – If a floor is wet because it was recently cleaned, or because of some kind of spill or leak from a refrigeration unit, you may not see the wet floor and could slip and injure yourself. A claim against the property owner can be made as the property owner should have been diligent in their inspection of the property. Warning the invitee or visitor of any dangers.
  • Stairs – If you are going up or down stairs at a home or business property entity and you slip and fall up or down the steps, injuring yourself. This can be caused by the stair case being constructed poorly. There may be no handrail at all or the handrail malfunctions There may be damaged steps. Most problems at a home or business entity are caused by poorly constructed staircases. Many times, the rise and or step of the staircase are not symmetric. If the rise on every step is not the same, you will trip and hurt yourself. handrail breaks, or one of the steps is damaged, the resulting fall could cause a significant injury. It is the responsibility of the landowner to guarantee your safety.
  • Snow and Ice or other Slippery Condition in the Parking Lot or Sidewalk– The landowner must be diligent in protecting you, the pedestrian and visitor. The law provides a reasonableness factor to allow time for the owner to clear your path, but they frequently violate this time factor.
  • Obstruction, Cracked/Broken Flooring – If you’re walking in a grocery store and you trip over an item in the aisle or you fall due to cracked or broken flooring. You may suffer an injury. Again, you could sue the grocery store for not removing that obstacle from your path.

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