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With the recent uptick in gun violence, District Attorneys throughout the Commonwealth are fighting back. Authorities are now combating this gun violence by prosecuting all illegal gun possession cases with ‘extreme prejudice.’ In order to legally possess a firearm you must follow the rules. If you wish to carry a concealed weapon you have to apply for a license and comply with all the rules. Gun ownership is a serious responsibility. A legally armed citizen should also know they have a right to self-defense with or without their weapon and that there is legal protection for using it if necessary. If you’re looking for representation from one of Delaware county’s best gun rights lawyers on the subject of gun ownership and conceal carry. Please call 610-565-9200 now!

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Every county in Pennsylvania is pursuing maximum penalties for illegally possessing a firearm. Simple possession of a firearm can result in significant incarceration no matter what your prior criminal record might be. It is important that you not carry a firearm unless licensed and trained to do so. BUT IF YOU DO and are arrested by the police, you must get legal counsel who specializes in these gun cases. If you are arrested in Chester County or Delaware county  –   CALL OUR OFFICES AT 610-565-9200

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When purchasing any firearm you will have to fill out several forms for the gun dealer.  You must be careful when filling these forms out. If you have a criminal record of any kind or you have been voluntarily or involuntarily committed for mental health reasons you should contact our Law Office for guidance.

If you give false information, the State Police will investigate and if they believe you gave a false statement, you will be charged criminally. Once charged, do not make any statements to the police. You must call an experienced attorney to protect your rights.  CALL THE LAW OFFICES OF STEVEN F. O’MEARA AT 610-565-9200.

There are many other criminal charges related to firearms. For example, one must be careful with the possession of handguns in Philadelphia if one is attempting to purchase a firearm outside of the city limits. The City of Philadelphia has very strict gun control laws and illegal possession of a firearm can cause someone to be charged with a crime that could result in the loss of their gun rights for life.

If you are convicted of certain crimes, such as any felony or certain misdemeanors you will automatically lose your right to own or carry a firearm. Our office is involved with many cases where this problem arises and we know what to do to protect your rights.

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Background checks are also required when purchasing handguns, shotguns, and rifles in Pennsylvania whether it is from a Federal Firearms License holder (FFL Dealer) or Private Party Transfer through the PICS system which screens information through several national databases including NICS (FBI). You must go through these background process before you can purchase a firearm. I have worked with many people who have been prevented from purchasing a gun for reasons that were not accurate.  If you are wrongfully denied, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible as you only have 30 days to file your appeal to the ATF and you must prove that you were actually eligible to buy the firearm in question.

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It is also important to know how Pennsylvania law regulates firearms dealers.  All dealers must go through special training and they must be approved by the PSP before they can receive their license to sell guns legally in this Commonwealth. However, even if a dealer goes out of business or decides not to renew his permit, he still has one year before he needs to dispose of his inventory.  If a dealer fails to follow the legal process, he could be criminally charged with a third-degree felony punishable by up to 7 years in prison and as much as $15,000.00 in fines for each firearm sold illegally.

In addition to criminal charges dealers also face significant civil liability if they fail to follow licensing laws which can result in their license being revoked or suspended. The PSP Bureau of Licensing website has a complete list of all FFL Holders who have valid licenses both active and expired. This information is constantly updated and it should always be used before purchasing a gun from someone other than an FFL Dealer.

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Don’t get caught breaking the law! Contact our office if you have any questions about firearms dealer license requirements in Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to protecting your gun rights!

You might not think you need a gun lawyer, but that’s just because you don’t know what they do. That is why every lawfully armed Philadelphian should know one! If you’re in the market for a great attorney who specializes in firearms law and carry permits, call the Law Office of Steven F O’Meara today at 610-565-9200 or click here to get started online. We’ve got years of experience and we want to help put your mind at ease about carrying legally while protecting yourself from any risks associated with it so give us a call today!

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