Defending False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

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To discuss your options and have your questions answered call our office in Media at 610-565-9200  to request a free consultation with Steven F. O’Meara. You may be charged with a variety of offenses in any domestic situation. These charges may include:

The charges are often falsified by the complaining party for reasons related to divorce, child custody and support. Many times you are completely innocent of the charges but are pushed through ‘the system’ to avoid problems.

Media, PA Family Violence Lawyer 

It is important that you be represented in all matters concerning domestic violence.  A domestic violence charge against you whether it’s a protection from abuse (PFA) or criminal charges such as aggravated assault, simple assault or harassment can affect your family situation for years.  This would include affecting your property rights but most importantly it will affect your children.  It is absolutely imperative that you be represented by experienced counsel from start to finish in these matters.

Also, with a protection from abuse order (PFA) you could be charged for any violation with contempt of court which would demand six months of detention in jail by the court.  Also, with criminal charges filed such as aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment you could suffer jail time for those charges as well as significant court costs and fines.

Media, PA Family Violence Laws, and Penalties

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence such as aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and it is against your spouse or partner you may not only face criminal charges but a protection from abuse (PFA) order which can be entered against you in court and used against you in a civil family court proceeding which would seriously abridge your rights concerning child custody, child support, child visitation as well as lesser important things such as property rights for your home, apartment, etc.

Additionally, your reputation would be affected which would lead to a strain among you and your family, friends, co‑workers and other members of your community.  It is extremely important to be proactive and protect yourself.  The first steps should be to find a criminal defense attorney who can help you on all of these fronts.

Media PA, Domestic Violencia Attorney Steven F. O’Meara

The Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara located in Media, PA handles every issue which may arise when allegations of family violence or domestic violence are made against you. We are adept at handling civil and criminal proceedings pertaining to these allegations and at the same time we shall protect your privacy.

Protect your record.  Protect your reputation.  Protect your children and protect your property rights.  Most importantly protect your future. Offering virtual consultations. Call 610-565-9200 to request a free consultation with Steven F. O’Meara.

“Got into fight with my girlfriend.  I was hurt but the cops took me away and charged me with assault.  I hired Mr. O’Meara and we fought it all the way.  He worked it out and had everything dropped, no jail time or probation.  He then had the PFA dismissed.  Anytime someone needs a lawyer I refer them to Steve.” – Dave

PFA Lawyer in Media, PA

Protection from abuse (PFA) as issued in family court begins as a civil matter to protect the party seeking the order.

If you’ve been accused of violating a protection from abuse order you must retain counsel due to the various consequences of same.  Our offices shall investigate the nature of the complaint and challenge any of the findings as part of our comprehensive PFA violation defense.  We will minimize any of the potential consequences that may be assessed to you through our zealous negotiation and representation on our behalf in court.  The potential consequences for violation of the protection from abuse order may include:

  • Being held in contempt of court with automatic incarceration of six months;
  • Loss of property rights including rights to occupy the marital home;
  • Removed from property even if it’s in your name and the other party is not a tenant or owner of the property;
  • Termination of child custody rights under final resolution of the protection from abuse order;
  • Forced to lose your right to collect spousal support and force you to pay spousal and other costs concerning the upkeep of the marital home.

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I have been practicing criminal defense and protection from abuse for over 20 years, I understand how quickly these emotional issues can escalate into complex legal matters and we are prepared to aggressively defend against any criminal charges such as aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, etc.  A protection from abuse conviction can result in probation as well as a three-year no contact order which is why you need an experienced and skilled attorney on your side to defend you.

A protection from abuse order can be a permanent mark on your record and your reputation.  The consequences of violation can affect every aspect of your life.  Dealing with domestic violence? Attorney Steven F. O’Meara is here for you. Contact a compassionate Media, PA lawyer today. FREE consult. Make the call 610-565-9200.