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What is a Gagnon Hearing in PA?

If you committed a crime and you’re trying to get your life back on track, Gagnon hearings can be a critical turning point. Gagnon I and II hearings are not new charges but simply probation and or parole violations. The court will receive recommendations from your Probation officer and after I argue your case, the court shall resentence you on the original charges.  If violated you may be resentenced to incarceration and or additional probation time. If you need someone to fight for you and ensure you are protected at your Gagnon hearings in Delaware county, Pennsylvania, call Steven O’Meara Law. Your phone consultation is free, and if you choose to hire, the services are unbeatable.

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Gagnon Hearings

When law enforcement personnel arrest a parolee on a new criminal charge or a probationer violates their probation, this will lead to their probation officer requesting a detainer and scheduling a Gagnon I hearing. These initial hearings are vital to keeping you with or getting you back to your friends and family. Depending on the recommendations of the Probation officer, it may result in a ruling to incarcerate the person. Don’t go back to prison; hire Steven O’Meara and use his 30 years experience to represent you in your Gagnon hearings to avoid such a terrible setback.

Gagnon I

During a Gagnon I hearing in Delaware county, the Probation officer will schedule a hearing in Media, Pennsylvania.  The Probation officer will present a report and recommendations to the Hearing Master (Hearing officers are typically supervisors in the Probation office). The purpose of this hearing is to identify the problems and decide if the probationer may be released from prison or stay out of prison.  Typical issues are not reporting, failure to complete classes, failure to pay costs and fines, hot urines and of course a new criminal charge. Your attorney must know the probation officer involved, speak with them early and often, and resolve as many issues before entering the courtroom. We have resolved many cases at this level by meeting with the probation officer and outlining a plan so you may continue your probation without incarceration. Often your matter can be resolved at this level, but depending on the severity of the violations, may result in the scheduling of a Gagnon II hearing. With almost 30 years of experience in Criminal Defense Law, Steven O’Meara is the right attorney to call.

Gagnon II

Gagnon II hearings are held before a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. In Delaware county these hearings are held in Media, Pennsylvania.  Again, your attorney must discuss the violations and recommendations with the Probation officer well in advance of your hearing.  The Court wants to hear a plan to ensure future conformity and compliance with the original sentence. At this hearing, it is important to minimize your period of incarceration and ensure you receive proper credit for your “street time”.

However, the Court could resentence a violator to further incarceration, increased probation time, requirement of new evaluations and classes. It is critical that you retain a veteran lawyer who knows the Probation officers and has extensive experience with Gagnon hearings and reduce or avoid punitive consequences. With almost 30 years of experience in Criminal Defense Law, Steven O’Meara is the right attorney to call.

Lawyer for Gagnon Hearing

Steven O’Meara has an extensive history of almost 30 years serving the community of Pennsylvania. For years, he’s represented the community with a consistent record of success. Whether people made a mistake or were outright innocent, Steven has protected their rights and helped see justice served. If you didn’t violate parole or believe the authorities aren’t respecting your rights, give Steven a call. After a free phone consultation, you’ll understand why so many people in Media, Delaware county trust Steven O’Meara Law’s criminal defense expertise.

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