High School And College Crimes

juvenile crimes defense lawyerMany of us have been in a situation in high school or college where we could have been charged with criminal offenses. However, we were not charged for whatever reason. Unfortunately, today the schools, prosecutors and police aggressively pursue all charges against persons committing criminal offenses in high school and college. Is your child facing charges? Contact our Media, PA criminal defense attorneys to speak to a juvenile lawyer immediately.

Common juvenile offenses in Media, PA

Most likely the criminal offenses that occur are underage drinking, possession of a controlled substance or dissemination of these controlled substances, misdemeanor thefts, simple assault, or criminal mischief matters.

The schools and police would like to resolve these matters without continued criminal prosecution. Typically, a high school or college does not wish to pursue misdemeanor offenses and therefore avoid bad publicity.

However, more serious offenses such as felonies will be aggressively pursued by any learning establishment. That is why you may need a juvenile defense attorney.

What are the consequences of underage drinking?

For underage drinking there is a staggered suspension. If you’re under the age of 21 and you provide alcohol or you’re drinking under the age of 21, your first offense you will suffer a 90‑day license suspension. Your second offense will be six months and thereafter continues to increase to a maximum of two years.

Being forced from an excellent high school due to criminal charges or a college where your child is doing well in school, has a scholarship and has established themselves, shall be devastating to them and their future.  You must assume that information between high schools and colleges will be shared. This would prevent their continuing education.

Juvenile Attorney in Media, PA

Being a graduate of Widener University, I have represented numerous persons who are currently attending Widener as well as students at West Chester University, Neumann University, Millersille, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, St. Joseph’s University, Holy Family University, Cabrini College, Villanova University, Penn State.

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Here is what one client had to say!

“I was at a party where there was drinking at West Chester University.  The police came and arrested everyone.  I received a letter from the University in my senior year that I was to be suspended from the school for one year!  My family hired Mr. O’Meara and we went to trial and won.  He told me it was a technicality only, but I do not care.  I cleaned up my act and graduated from West Chester on schedule with no other problems.”  – Pearl G.

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Act quickly to protect your rights.  If you or your child has been arrested you should contact The Law Offices of Steven F. O’Meara, immediately.  Talk to a juvenile justice attorney to determine the best course of legal action for your child. 

If you’re like many parents whose children have gotten into a mix-up with the law, you need to call a juvenile justice attorney now. Working with a juvenile defense attorney can help protect your child’s rights. Call 610-565‑9200.

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