Burglary: ”I was charged with a felony burglary charge and other felonies.  I was looking at 6 months in jail according to another lawyer.  I was super depressed until my grandparents hired Mr. O’Meara. When the case was done all felony charges were dropped and I pled guilty to a defiant trespass, a misdemeanor of the 3rd degree and got 1 year probation only.”  – Chris

Possession and discharge of a weapon:  “I got into an argument with my tenant and fired my pistol in their house.  Nobody was hurt but when the cops got to my house, all they said was, where’s the gun? Then they read me my rights and let me call my lawyer.   I was charged with a felony and it looked like I was going to lose my job as a union carpenter.  Steve said ‘let me do my job, I‘ll tell you when to worry.’  By the end of the case, I plead guilty to a summary offense, disorderly conduct and all the other charges were dropped.”  – Brian.

Forgery: “I was accused of writing a bad check and forging someone’s name.  I retained Mr. O’Meara and he informed me that my charges included felonies.  We prepared for trial and just before we were called for trial, they offered a summary offense and dropped all other felony and misdemeanor charges.”  – B.M.

Aggravated assault and attempted homicide:  ”I was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Mr. O’Meara told me ‘what was what’ and convinced me to take a plea.  My co-defendant went to trial and was found guilty.  He got a sentence of 16 to 40 years in prison. I took the deal and got county time.  I got out before last Christmas.  Mr. O’Meara, my kids and family say thank you!”  – J.P.


Simple assault and domestic violence:  “I was accused of beating up this girl that used to date my boyfriend.  No matter who I talked to they all said that I would get simple assault and no ARD probation.  Mr. O’Meara got involved and after a hearing all charges were dropped except the summary offense DC with no probation and I did not have to pay any restitution.”  – Maria G.

Indecent assault: ”Even though it was a misdemeanor I was looking at Meghan’s Law for 10 years. Mr. O’Meara worked it out to a simple assault and no Meghan’s Law treatment.  I received two years’ probation.”

DUI and Traffic offenses

DUI: ”Fifteen years ago I was charged with a DUI.  I was a truck driver and I could not lose my license, even for a day.  My blood alcohol was .134 and I was forced to go to trial.  I retained Steve O’Meara to represent me at my prelim and trial.  After two days the jury came back with a not guilty verdict!!  Today, I own my own company with 6 trucks for short hauling.  Thanks Mr. O’Meara.”

License Suspension: ”Because of a long history of breaking the law I was suspended for 19 years.  I spoke with Steve and after he looked at my driver’s record he wrote a letter to PennDot challenging every offense listed.  A month later he called to let me know that PennDot made mistakes and I should have my license back in August!  After that I got a great job in Wilmington because I could drive again.”  – Jim

Drug Charges

Possession with intent to deliver: “I was falsely accused of bringing drugs into a prison.  They told me that they were felonies and I would go to prison for two years if I was found guilty.  Mr. Steve fought these charges for me and the court dismissed them.”  – Robert W.

Theft and falsification of aprescription: ”First offer from the DA was for a plea to felonies and jail time.  I hired Mr. O’Meara and we prepared for trial.  Mr. O’Meara worked his tail off and after meeting with the doctors he convinced them to support a non-trial disposition.  Just before trial the offer changed to a misdemeanor and probation only!”  – Angela

Juvenile Law: “I was charged with arson and attempted homicide along with my brother.  He was older but I had just turned 18.   My brother was sent away to jail for 5 years and I would have been too.  But my family hired Mr. O’Meara and he fought for me every step of the way.  He had me treated as a juvenile first. Then was able to place me in a bunch of programs to show that I could be successfully treated in the juvenile system.  In the end I received a sentence of juvenile probation.  Mr. O’Meara never lost faith in me.”  – MM

Underage Drinking:  ”I was at a party where there was drinking at West Chester University.  The police came and arrested everyone.  I received a letter from the University in my senior year that I was to be suspended from the school for one year!  My family hired Mr. O’Meara and we went to trial and won.  He told me it was a technicality only, but I do not care.  I cleaned up my act and graduated from West Chester on schedule with no other problems.”  – Pearl G.

Domestic Violence

Simple assault, terroristic threats, and PFA: “Got into fight with my girlfriend.  I was hurt but the cops took me away and charged me with assault.  I hired Mr. O’Meara and we fought it all the way.  He worked it out and had everything dropped, no jail time or probation.  He then had the PFA dismissed.  Anytime someone needs a lawyer I refer them to Steve.”  – Dave

PFA claim: ”Hired Steve for a PFA filed by my ex-wife.  We were fighting only over custody and support for my kids.  In his summation to the court he called my wife’s PFA filing a poor man’s custody complaint with false charges and only damage was upon my kids.  The judge agreed and threw it out after yelling at my ex-wife.  I was so nervous going through the PFA hearing but it was worth all of the anxiety.  Now I have custody of my kids.”

Child pornography: “Hired Mr. O’Meara after I was charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography.  I was charged with misdemeanors and felonies.  We fought this at the preliminary hearing and we prepared for trial.  He kept telling me to let him worry about the legal stuff.  Eventually, I pled guilty to a misdemeanor offense and received a sentence of one year probation, only.”   – Brads


Automobile accident: ”I was a passenger in an automobile and the driver and all passengers were drunk.  The insurance company said they would not pay and Steve filed suit and pushed it through the system.  Literally as we walked up the courthouse steps they settled for the policy amount.”  – Danielle

Slip and Fall: “I was walking down the pavement looking for the mac machine at my local bank. Suddenly, I slipped and fell twisting my ankle. Turned out I had fractured both tibia and fibia and was placed in a cast with a steel rod and ankle plate and screws holding my leg together. No lawyer wanted to handle this matter because I was on the sidewalk and one lawyer said it was clear I was not paying attention. Mr. O’Meara got involved and said I was a business patron and the water that had frozen beneath me causing my slip and fall had come from the bank property. He hired his expert and within six months the case was settled.”  – Robert

Slip and Fall: “I was carrying my granddaughter to see what was going on for the July 4th Ceremonies at Scullion Field in Clifton Heights. I stepped into a hole and broke my ankle. I was out of work for eight weeks and was caused great embarrassment and pain from these injuries. Steve got involved and did a great job settling my case.” – Lauren

Slip and Fall: “I fell down my boy friends steps in his home.  I broke my shoulder.  No one else would take the case because they said it was my fault. I did not have insurance and I had $30,000.00 in outstanding medicals.  Steve took the case.  He got my bills paid and $15,000 for my pain and suffering.”  – Loretta

Dog Bite cases: ”My child was bitten in the face by a Pit Bull dog for no reason.  Within 30 days Mr. O’Meara had my son in front of every plastic surgeon and psychiatrist imaginable.  Not only did he get my son to the best doctors but when the case settled my son will have his college paid for by the trust.”  – Mark and Beth