In Pennsylvania, the defense of self-defense is referred to as “use of force in self – protection.”  It is one of the most misunderstood defenses in criminal law.  In this blog post, we take the time to discuss the Pennsylvania statute on the issue.  We also take some time to discuss some examples of what […]

Criminal attorneys are often asked about how cases get dismissed on technicalities. Typically, these “technicalities” are constitutional protections guaranteed to all people in the United States.  When the government fails to comply with the Constitution, and fails to afford people constitutional protections, evidence may be suppressed, and in some situations, cases are dismissed. In criminal […]

Understanding DUI in Pennsylvania requires you to understand the legal limits in the state, and the penalties for each limit that a police officer determines you exceeded at the time of your arrest. Penalties and Fines For DUI In Pennsylvania  There are three blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels in Pennsylvania, with three different penalties and fines […]

The holiday season is supposed to bring peace, joy and goodwill to man, but that’s not always the case, because it also brings an increased number of criminal charges. And some of these criminal offenses are triggered by what happens during the holidays, namely more people out shopping, and more festivities that involve alcohol and […]