When a person is involuntarily committed (50 P.S. section 7302) due to that person’s potential mental illness and danger to themselves or others, it is a very serious issue which may result in a commitment of up to (5) days. These commitments are also known as ‘being 302”. Many times, people are improperly diagnosed and […]

When you are arrested for a drug crime, the stakes are extremely high and not retaining experienced legal counsel could be disastrous for your future. While the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution gives everyone the right to represent themselves during a criminal trial, to do so successfully requires extensive knowledge of court rules and criminal […]

Teenagers often make poor decisions, and destroying another person’s property is one of them. From spray painting an overpass to slashing tires, damaging private property is a serious offense that can jeopardize your child’s future. If your child has been arrested and charged with criminal mischief, your first step should be to contact an experienced […]

Everyone makes a bad decision at some point during their lifetime. Unfortunately some bad decisions are worse than others. That doesn’t mean the men and women responsible for making poor decisions are irredeemable – even when those decisions result in a DUI. The decision to drive while intoxicated endangers yourself, passengers in your vehicle, and […]

On high school and college campuses across the country, teenagers and young adults continue to experiment as they have for decades. However, there’s one significant difference. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, a student caught drinking underage would be given a slap on the wrist. Today, such a discovery could be cause for expulsion. Our […]

Robbery is a serious offense punishable as a felony under Pennsylvania law. Whether the robbery is a third-degree felony, a second-degree felony, or a felony in the first degree depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. At the Law Office of Steven F. O’Meara, we understand how intimidating criminal law can be. Below, […]

Everyone knows non-consensual sex is against the law.  If either party indicates they don’t want to have sex, the other party must respect that, or face potential criminal charges.  However, there are times, under Pennsylvania law, where even when someone says “yes” to sexual acts, the law does not recognize subsequent sexual conduct as consensual. […]

Pennsylvania DUI laws are lengthy and complicated.  Understanding DUIs – and understanding the nuances of “actual physical control” is essential.  Without this understanding, you could be charged with a crime, even if you were trying to act responsibly.  This is where a DUI defense attorney can help. A Brief Explanation of DUI Laws in Pennsylvania […]

Recent statistics show that the crime rate in Pennsylvania is 25% lower than the national rate, which is good news. But any criminal lawyer will tell you that there are still thousands of people who need a strong defense after being arrested for violent crimes, no matter where you live. The Law Office of Steven […]

Domestic violence is and has always been a significant problem in our society. Only within the last several decades is there any public discussion regarding this issue. Assault upon a loved one is not always what you see on television and the movies. Typically, its portrayed as a drunken husband hulking over his beating his […]