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Everyone makes a bad decision at some point during their lifetime. Unfortunately some bad decisions are worse than others. That doesn’t mean the men and women responsible for making poor decisions are irredeemable – even when those decisions result in a DUI. The decision to drive while intoxicated endangers yourself, passengers in your vehicle, and […]

Pennsylvania DUI laws are lengthy and complicated.  Understanding DUIs – and understanding the nuances of “actual physical control” is essential.  Without this understanding, you could be charged with a crime, even if you were trying to act responsibly.  This is where a DUI defense attorney can help. A Brief Explanation of DUI Laws in Pennsylvania […]

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recently enacted a statute which offers a huge break to any Pennsylvania licensed driver whose privilege to drive has been or will be suspended due to a charge of driving under the influence or a refusal of chemical testing. (blood or breathalyzer) The great news is that you can limit your […]

Understanding DUI in Pennsylvania requires you to understand the legal limits in the state, and the penalties for each of those limits which is proven at the time of your arrest. Penalties and Fines For DUI In Pennsylvania  There are three blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels in Pennsylvania, with three different penalties and fines for each […]