Summary Traffic Citations and License Suspension

A license suspension due to driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license or underage drinking can be significant.  Also, if convicted of possession of a controlled substance you will suffer a license suspension.  It is important that you are aware of these ancillary effects which shall have an effect on your driver’s license.  Loss of your driver’s license can be devastating due to work or home life.

Pennsylvania does allow a work license program if you have a license suspension of more than two months. You may apply for a work license for the balance of the suspension.

Driving under the influence or a DUI offense the license suspension can be from one month to up to five years if you’re convicted of a third major Penn DOT offenses.  Additionally, your license can be suspended for driving while suspended whether it is a regular suspension or a driving under the influence suspension.  That penalty will be a minimum of one year.

A charge for any drug offense will be a minimum of six months license suspension but this also increases with the number of offenses.  You can lose your license.  You could suffer a license suspension which increases with a second and third offense.

Numerous traffic offenses under the traffic code can and will force you to suffer a license suspension. The court is not obligated nor should they give you legal advice concerning a license suspension. It is absolutely imperative that you contact this office to discuss the above to protect your constitutional rights as well your driver’s license rights.

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“Because of a long history of breaking the law I was suspended for 19 years.  I spoke with Steve and after he looked at my driver’s record he wrote a letter to PennDot challenging every offense listed.  A month later he called to let me know that PennDot made mistakes and I should have my license back in August!  After that I got a great job in Wilmington because I could drive again.”  – Jim