Understanding What a Theft Arrest Lawyer Can Do for You

When charged with a theft crime, whether embezzlement, theft, larceny, or robbery, the process feels very scary.  Facing the prospect of criminal charges alone may seem overwhelming.  Sometimes theft charges stem from a momentary lapse in judgment.  Other times, a simple but honest mistake may lead to charges.  Still other times, law enforcement may just simply be wrong about their assessment of the situation.  Regardless of the circumstances, any time someone is facing theft charges, they need a theft arrest lawyer.

A theft arrest lawyer advocates on your behalf.  If you haven’t yet been charged with a crime, a theft arrest lawyer acts as a go between, protecting you and your rights.  If charges have already been filed, a theft arrest lawyer takes several steps in order to get the best resolution for you.  This includes:

  • Reading all police reports
  • Reviewing witness statements
  • Demanding and reviewing any video or audio which may have a bearing on the case
  • Speaking with the prosecution about possible resolution
  • Working with you to put yourself in the best position to obtain a favorable outcome

Potential Outcomes a Theft Arrest Lawyer May Achieve

Depending on the jurisdiction and the facts of the case, a theft arrest attorney may be able to keep the theft conviction off your record.  This may occur after a not guilty verdict at trial.  However, more often, keeping a conviction off your record occurs based on advocacy, entry into, and completion of a pretrial diversion program.

Another possible alternate resolution could include reduced charges.  Sometimes charges are reduced as more information comes to light.  Other times, charges are reduced based on a person’s prior record (or lack thereof).  Finally, sometimes charges are reduced or suspended based on steps taken by the accused. This might include a psychological evaluation or treatment, where appropriate.

The Consequences of a Theft Conviction

The consequences of a felony theft conviction include both civil and criminal consequences.  Civil consequences could include difficulty obtaining housing or obtaining or keeping employment.  Criminal consequences include jail time, fines, probation, as well as a criminal record.

If You are Facing Theft Charges

If you are facing theft charges, know that you don’t have to face them alone.  You need a qualified theft arrest lawyer on your side, representing your interests and fighting for you.  Each theft case is different.  Whether it was an honest mistake, law enforcement got it wrong, or you find yourself wondering how you possibly could have made such a mistake, you are entitled to a strong advocate working on your behalf.  Contact the Law Office of Steven F. O’Meara to discuss your situation.  There is never any judgment, just strong legal advocacy.  Together, we can work to resolve your case in a fair and just manner.  Contact us today at 610- 565-9200 to discuss the facts and circumstances of your particular case.